numConference TitleDateCity
1دومین همایش بین المللی پنجمین همایش گیاهان دارویی و کشاورزی پایدار2016-05-23
2The 3rd International Congress of Large Animal Practitionesr (ICLAP 20152015-02-08تهران
3the 16th AAAP Animal Science Congress2014-11-10یوگیاکارتا
416th AAAP Animal Science Congress2014-11-10Yogyakarta
5the 4th International Symposium of Veterinary Surgery2014-10-21مشهد
6World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology2014-05-25
7College of Agricultural and food Sciences2013-02-17
8College of agriculture and food Sciences2013-02-17
9the 15th AAAP Animal Science Congress2012-11-26بانکوک
1015th AAAP Animal Science Congress2012-11-26Bangkok
11Joint Annual Meeting 20122012-07-15
12ADSA ASAS Joint Annual Meetings2012-07-15آریزونا
131st Asia Dairy Goat Conference2012-04-09کوالالامپور
16The 14 th AAAP Animal Science Congress2010-09-06
17The 14th AAAP Animal Science Congress2010-08-23Pingtung
1814th AAAP Animal Science Congress2010-08-23تایوان
19ADSA 20102010-07-25
20The 2010 Annual Meetings of the American Dairy Science Association-ADSA2010-07-11
21ADSA 20092009-10-03
22Inaugural ASAS-CAAV Asia Pacific Rim Meeting2009-09-08Beijing
2360th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production2009-08-24
24British Society of Animal Science 20092009-03-30
25the13 animal science congress of the asia2008-09-22Hanoi
27EAAP 20082008-08-24
28Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition in Australia2008-08-14
29American Dairy Science & American Animal Science Joint Meeting2008-07-13
30British Society of Animal Science 20082008-03-31
31British Society of Animal Science2008-03-31
325th euro fed lipid congress and 24th symposium of the Scandinavian lipidforum2007-09-16
33XII th AAAPAnimal Science Congress2006-06-18
34Annual Meeting Of The European Association For Animal Production2006-02-22-